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Wine Country is an amazing place to work and to live! It is full of compassionate people, all with amazing and magnificent causes that they have founded or that they support. Being a life-long resident of this beautiful county I knew that I needed to give back to the towns that have helped to support me as I grew.  As of now I have partnered with two wonderful non-profit organizations; The Green Dog Rescue Project and Greyhound Friends For life.

Both of these wonderful organizations are devoted not only to finding life-long homes for dogs from all walks of life, but are devoted to rehabilitating them physically and emotionally.

I am proud to be an active participant in these local groups.

For more information please visit their websites at:

In addition, I have also had the honor of working with children of all ages. Helping them to better understand animals along with the steps that are needed to become a veterinarian. I have worked with school groups, local Girl Scout groups, local 4-H groups and as a mentor for high school junior and senior students. I feel that it is my privileged responsibility to help to foster the love of veterinary medicine in our local youth…as it was once done for me!

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