Preventative Medicine

Physical Examinations

At Wine Country Veterinary Hospital we live by the ‘Ounce on Prevention’ approach to healthcare. That is why, the basis of all medical decisions starts with a thorough Nose to Tail physical exam, where we can help address the needs of your pet based on its current and individual stage of life.

What you can come to expect during every examination is the evaluation of your pet’s major and minor organ systems through hands on palpation, visualization and auscultation. We will also use this time to get to know you and your pet because a pet’s environment, habits and exercise routine will all play a role in our medical recommendations. During this time we may also recommend diagnostic testing based on what is found during the exam.

Throughout the examination please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding your pet. Our goal is not only to help your pet stay happy and healthy, but it is to help support you and the active and critical role you play in your pet’s health.


If done appropriately, vaccinating you pet can help him or her to live a longer, healthier life. At Wine Country Veterinary Hospital we do NOT abide by the 'all pets need all vaccines' approach. Your pet is an individual and we keep that in mind when structuring a vaccination protocol for each of your pets. The protocol will be based on a variety of different factors including stage of life, travel, exposure to various diseases and current health status. Please call today and we will help create a vaccination protocol that fits you and your pets individual lifestyle.

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